Star Wars video games: A visual history

We recap the last 27 years of video games based on George Lucas's enormously influential Star Wars franchise.

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Applying the Battlefield 1942 formula to Star Wars, Battlefront (PS2, Xbox, GC, PC) throws players into large-scale infantry battles (Rebel vs. Empire or Republic vs. Separatist) with vehicles and heroes (such as Jedi or Darth Vader). Obsidian Studios took the reins for Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox, PC), and while it's an enjoyable game, it suffers from some issues-most notably, Obsidian's rush to meet a deadline and culling of content intended for the final product. (PC players are attempting to restore the cut content via a patch.) Apprentice of the Force (GBA) is another platforming take on the original trilogy. Galaxies expansion Jump to Lightspeed (PC) adds space combat to the MMO.

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