The evolution of video game media

From jumper cards to hard disks, these are the cards, cartridges, and drives that have shaped the world of gaming.

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The Internet Era

Beyond the optical era, we now live in a world where the primary medium for game distribution is quickly becoming entirely electronic -- through the Internet, using a router (3). The first console to use a hard disk (2) for data storage was the PlayStation 2 console (1) in 2001 via an accessory option. Microsoft followed up with a built-in hard disk for its Xbox a few months later. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 continue this trend, with only the Wii relying on flash media (4) for user-managed game media in a nonportable system. The Sony PSP (5) and Nintendo DSi also use flash memory for dynamic game storage, a trend that no doubt points to the future of video game media

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The evolution of video game media

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