The evolution of video game media

From jumper cards to hard disks, these are the cards, cartridges, and drives that have shaped the world of gaming.

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The DVD and Blu-ray Era

Sony led the charge into the DVD era with the Sony PlayStation 2 (1) in 2000, the first console to use the DVD format. Its discs can hold, at maximum, 8.54GB of data. The Microsoft Xbox (2) and Xbox 360 also use the DVD format for their games. Like the GameCube, the Wii uses a nonstandard disc format that is nonetheless very similar to that of DVDs. But this time, Nintendo chose the standard 12cm size that can hold a full 8.54GB. Sony blazed a trail into even higher-density optical formats in 2006 with the PlayStation 3 (4). Its Blu-ray Disc format can store an impressive 50GB of data on dual-layer discs.

Key: [1] Sony PlayStation 2 (2000), [2] Microsoft Xbox (2001), [3] Nintendo Wii (2005), [4] Sony PlayStation 3 (2006)

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The evolution of video game media

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