World Cup special: Best DVD recorders and PVRs

Capture the pain and the passion of this year's World Cup with a high-definition PVR

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<h2>[[artnid:348489|Telstra T-Box PVR]] (RRP: $299)</h2>
The Telstra T-Box PVR is a viable alternative to the TiVo and other set-top box offerings. It comes with a 320GB internal hard drive and two high-definition digital television tuners (just in case you want to record <i>Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper</i> reruns at the same time as the World Cup).
When connected to the Internet via Telstra's BigPond service, the T-Box PVR grants access to seven IPTV channels and BigPond [[artnid:342693|Movies on Demand]]: so you can watch <i>Bend It Like Beckham</i> in-between World Cup matches. Or something.
A smooth and attractive interface makes the device easy to use without any prior experience, and download speeds are suitably zippy. The Telstra T-Box PVR uses 200GB for storing recorded free-to-air television -- the other 120GB is devoted to BigPond Movies downloads. Nonetheless, it has enough memory to record the FIFA World Cup 2010 in its entirety, several times over.
<b><i>Read our full review of the [[artnid:348489|Telstra T-Box PVR]].</i></b>

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World Cup special: Best DVD recorders and PVRs

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