Top 5: Mobile phone movie madness

We count down the best of the worst mobile phone scenes that have hit the big screen.

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Everyone hates an annoying git in the cinema talking on their mobile phone in the middle of a movie. But even worse than this are some of the ridiculous movie plotlines that feature mobile phones.
From trans-dimensional, zombifying mobiles to the horror of reception-drowning tunnels, we take a look at the five worst offenders when it comes to shoddy movie premises involving mobile phones.


Enter Cellular — the story of a damsel-in-distress relying solely on a random stranger to save her and her child from professional killers. She found this makeshift hero haphazardly while tinkering with a smashed phone that called his mobile phone when she reattached a few wires. Oh, and if he hangs up or loses the connection at any point in the movie, he loses her forever and she dies.
A movie where the main character is glued to a phone because of a few nasty foes; sounds a bit like Phone Booth, the movie where Colin Farrell is pinned down in a phone booth by a sniper, right? Right. That’s because Cellular is written by the [[xref:|same guy]]. Larry Cohen went on to make two more movies in 2008 and 2009 about mobile phones. Someone seems to have a phone fetish.

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Top 5: Mobile phone movie madness

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