Top 5: Mobile phone movie madness

We count down the best of the worst mobile phone scenes that have hit the big screen.

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<h2>Tomorrow Never Dies</h2><br>The Bond franchise is known for its extravagant gadgets from Q, so much so that 007 purists went ape when the MI6 gadgetry mastermind and other clichés were [[xref:| left out of the latest Bond movies]]. But if history can teach us anything, maybe this was for the best. Case in point: <i>Tomorrow Never Dies.</i><br>Pierce Brosnan was the tool for Ericsson's marketing in the 1997 Bond film. Rather than being a typical one-off, disposable gadget like those from prior films, the Ericsson phone just kept coming back to wreak as much havoc as possible. The phone in question doubled as a stun gun, fingerprint scanner and fingerprint mimicking device, lock pick and, last but not least, a remote control featuring a steering pad and front and rear view monitor for a fancy, rocket-equipped BMW.<br>Oh, wait! And a screwdriver!

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Top 5: Mobile phone movie madness

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