The craziest in-car automotive gadgets

Gadgets from the automotive world that'll make you say "Wow, that’s cool!" or "Wow, that's... ridiculous."

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[[xref:|Toshiba facial recognition]]

GPS devices and in-car entertainment systems are becoming more of a risk to drivers with wandering eyes, so Toshiba has latched onto problem with some exciting new technology. Toshiba exhibited a camera system at the Automotive Engineering Exhibition in Japan last year that recognises where the driver is looking to alert inattentive drivers. These include those who are presumable too busy fondling the stereo or tinkering with their GPS.
In a step bringing your car closer to becoming [[artnid:344653|KITT from Knight Rider]], a computer is attached to the camera that detects the direction the driver's face and eyes are pointing in to work out whether or not they're paying attention to the road. The software can also detect if a driver is falling into a microsleep by measuring blinks. It’d make [[xref:|Dr Karl proud]]. The technology is yet to be commercialised.

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The craziest in-car automotive gadgets

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