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The ten Blu-ray movies that every videophile must own

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4. Casino Royale

The disc: Blockbuster movies tend to be lavished with lots of care and attention on Blu-ray, and Daniel Craig’s 007-reboot is no exception. Regularly cited as one of the better looking films on Blu-ray, Casino Royale is a very hard disc to fault. The 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 transfer does a solid job of replicating the film’s look in theatres, with plenty of detail bursting from each frame. We’re even willing to sit through the film’s laborious beach canoodling without ripping our eyes out. In short, Bond has never looked so good (steady girls -- we’re talking about the disc, not the actor!)

The film: James Bond’s 21st cinematic adventure is definitely one of his best; especially if you prescribe to Ian Fleming’s original vision of the agent. By stripping away the series’ silly gadgets and outlandish action, Craig and co were able to get to the real meat of the character. For the first time since Sean Connery, you actually felt like Bond was in mortal danger. The bone-crunching stairwell sequence is a wince-inducing highlight.

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