Getting started in digital photography

Here's how to choose a camera and an image editor, along with important tips to help you begin taking great photos.

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Shopping for a Camera

How should you shop for a camera? First consider the kind of photography you want to do. If you're into action photography, you'll want a camera that shoots at very fast shutter speeds and has no noticeable [[xref:|shutter lag|shutter lag]]. If you primarily take casual snapshots or pictures of landscapes and city scenes, get a camera with the widest lens you can find. If you enjoy shooting flowers, make sure the camera has a good macro mode for close-ups like the one shown here.

Long telephoto zooms are great, but pay special attention to the focal length--a wide focal range will come in handy more often in day-to-day situations than a superlong zoom. Also, megapixel count is no all as important as it once was: Most popular cameras are 10 megapixels or more, wich is more than you need for large, high-quality prints. Watch "[[xref:|How to Buy a Digital Camera|How to Buy a Digital Camera]]" for more tips.

Finally, read reviews that talk about image quality. My favorite camera review site is [[xref:|Digital Photography Review|Digital Photography Review]], and I highly recommend that you bookmark it--along with [[xref:|PCWorld's camera reviews|PCWorld's camera reviews]], of course.

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Getting started in digital photography

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