Apple iPad: How do the apps shape up?

We take a look through a range of iPad specific apps, including the basic mail, safari and iPod applications.

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We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the [[artnid:340176|Apple iPad]] well before its Australian launch in "late April." We've had a brief but exciting play with the [[artnid:342535|iPad]] and we're ready to give you the low down on what to expect! Let's take a run through some of the specific iPad apps, from the basics to some cool and free iPad apps in the App Store!

iPad home screen

The iPad's home screen. As you can see, its very similar to the [[artnid:309245|iPhone]], except on a much larger scale. The dock takes a leaf out of Mac OS X with a 3D background, while the larger screen means there is more space for app icons. The small icon you can see next to the battery percentage indicator is the screen rotation lock.

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