Top 10 budget Blu-ray players

Ten cheap Blu-ray players battle it out for the top spot

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<h2>6. [[artnid:340101|Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray player]] (RRP: $449)</h2><br><br>
The Samsung BD-P3600 sports a unique, rounded design that looks striking but may not be practical -- it puts the navigation buttons on the top and makes the connectors on the back difficult to reach.
Nonetheless, images appear crisp, the remote is spot-on, and the Internet connection (Wi-Fi is included) allows you to stream content from YouTube. It comes with plenty of high-end features for AV enthusiasts while remaining simple and user-friendly.
<b>Pros:</b> Impressive image quality, Wi-Fi support, eye-catching design.<br>
<b>Cons:</b> Unconventional button placement, Wi-Fi requires a USB dongle, could be a little bit cheaper.
<br><br><i>[[artnid:340101|Click here to read our full review of the Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray player]]

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Top 10 budget Blu-ray players

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