Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

We rate the biggest show-stealing villains in gaming

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6. Atlas/Fontane - Bioshock

Altas was your only friend when you found yourself stranded on the submerged city of Rapture, populated mostly by deranged mutant Splicers who would readily slice you up for fun. He was an unwilling victim, of this underwater pandemonium; just like you. Through a portable radio, his voice (with sexy Irish brogue) not only provided companionship, but also guided you out of danger. What an endearing chap. You can almost shed a tear for him. Too bad he’s a deceptive git.

Yes, your best buddy takes a steaming crap on your friendship when he reveals himself to be the alter ego of Rapture’s criminal mastermind, Frank Fontaine. You realise then that you have been unwittingly doing his bidding through subliminal mind-control. Atlas/Fontaine makes the list for lulling you into a false sense of security and leaving you feeling dirty and abandoned. Kind of like how Luke from Star Wars felt when he found out Leia was his sister after they sucked face with each other

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Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

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