Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

We rate the biggest show-stealing villains in gaming

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9. Albert Wesker – Resident Evil series

He might be a jerk, but it’s hard to deny Albert Wesker his place in this stage-stealing baddies slideshow. For one, he’s been in nearly every Resident Evil game to date and every time he appears, he’s got some vile machination up his Matrix-style leather trench coat sleeves.

That, and he seems to have his finger in every pie. Wesker was a double agent for Umbrella Corp and when the company went belly up, he tried to revive it by involving himself with the Las Plaguas shenanigans which eventually lead him to conspire with the Umbrella clone, Tricell.

He was last seen being thrown into a pit of lava by the super-buffed, Chris Redfield.

But since Wesker’s pretty much Lazaras with sunnies, we have an inkling he will eventually become the supreme ruler of the Resident Evil universe (and make Jill Valentine his sex slave...)

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Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

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