Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

We rate the biggest show-stealing villains in gaming

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1. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy series

Cloud? Who the hell is Cloud?

When Final Fantasy VIII first came out 13 ago (yes, it has been that long already), its megalomaniac supervillain, Sephiroth, was on everybody’s lips. He was the embodiment of the phrase “It’s good to be bad” and pretty much single-handedly catapulted the game to cult status (as certified by the game’s director himself).

His reputation of being ridiculously hard to beat only served to bolster his star status. Hell, we even forgave Sephiroth for killing our beloved Aerith because he is just so damn cool.

Meanwhile, mopey protagonist and army dropout, Cloud Strife, is left to languish on the sidelines. Square-Enix (formerly known as Squaresoft) has continued to milk the success of its favourite bad seed, resurrecting him in Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia: Final Fantasy and using him as a central theme in the CGI movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Seriously, the guy is more enduring than a Galápagos tortoise...

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Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

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