The coolest camera features of 2010

Sometimes, choosing a camera demands considerations other than image quality and battery life. These cameras have innovative extras that may win you over as soon as you try them.

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Fujifilm's Pet Detection

Good for: Identifying breeds of cats and dogs

In the near future, you may find many more people snapping pictures of your pet dog or cat instead of asking you what breed they are. A new setting in Fujifilm's Finepix F80EXR, Z700EXR, JZ500, and JZ300 cameras scans your dog or cat's face and then matches its mug to an in-camera database of registered American Kennel Club, Cat Fancier's Association, and Federation Cyno Logique Internationale breeds. We haven't had a chance to test the feature in the real world just yet, but Fujifilm claims that the new Pet Detection setting will tell you what kind of dog or cat you have--just as long as it isn't a mutt. Or Snoop Dogg.

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The coolest camera features of 2010

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