9 Gmail tips that will let you take a long lunch

Head home early or linger over lunch with these time-saving Gmail tips and add-ons.

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Sort Mail From Multiple Accounts

These days, you may have separate e-mail addresses for work, school, and home--not to mention the really stupid Hotmail account you made specifically to flame your neighbor. But checking each one individually takes up a lot of time (time that you could be wasting elsewhere).

Luckily, you can funnel all of your e-mail messages into your Gmail account by using POP3. Choose Settings, Accounts, Import, Check Mail Using POP3, and then click Add POP3 email account) to make email-checking a one-stop operation. The feature isn't new or unique to Gmail, but Gmail does provide a couple of cool extras--such as Multiple Inboxes--to help you organize your incoming mail.

To activate this feature, choose Settings, Accounts, Import, Labs; scroll down to 'Multiple Inboxes'; select Enable; and then select Save Changes. Multiple Inboxes will allow you to see up to five additional "inboxes" in your Gmail inbox--and you can sort mail into each "inbox" by using filters (for example, "label:thisisalabel" or "is:starred"). If you already filter your incoming POP3 mail, you can easily use the predesigned labels to give each POP3 account its own "inbox."

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9 Gmail tips that will let you take a long lunch

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