A techie's guide to "Lost"

A guide to the baffling and improbable gadgetry of the hit sci-fi show

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Preventing electromagnetic catastrophe with an Apple IIGS In 1977, a group of scientists were digging around the island when they tapped into a massive pocket of electromagnetic energy so powerful that it could potentially cause the entire world to implode in on itself if left unchecked. The scientists proceeded to contain the energy pocket by pouring concrete over it and by creating a computer system that would regularly discharge the energy to prevent it from getting too strong. Of course, this system actually required a live human being to sit inside the electromagnetic containment station to manually discharge the energy by entering a code into a green-screen computer every 108 minutes. To sum up: the people in charge of saving the world must live in extreme isolation while performing monotonous tasks and depriving themselves of sleep. What could possibly go wrong?

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A techie's guide to "Lost"

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