A techie's guide to "Lost"

A guide to the baffling and improbable gadgetry of the hit sci-fi show

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But first, some background…

Before we get into the gadgets themselves, we should probably run a quick background on "Lost" for the uninitiated. "Lost" is the story of several plane crash survivors who have landed on a freakishly weird island that is continuously moving through both space and time. This makes rescuing our castaways extremely difficult, since the island may not even exist in our reality at any given moment!

But that's not all – the island has apparently been "summoning" people to it for centuries in order to accomplish some unnamed task. As our characters have explored the island, they have come across several artifacts left over past visitors to the island, from Ancient Egyptian chambers adorned with hieroglyphs to ruins of a 19th-century slave ship to several stations set up by scientists in the 1970s to study the island's properties.

The bottom line is that the island seemingly has its own consciousness and it regularly draws people to it to serve an unknown purpose.

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A techie's guide to "Lost"

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