A techie's guide to "Lost"

A guide to the baffling and improbable gadgetry of the hit sci-fi show

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Protecting yourself from the monster with a sonar fence

Once you arrive on the island, you're very likely to encounter a rather angry monster that has inhabited the island for centuries. The monster appears to island dwellers as a billowing cloud of ominous black smoke and is capable of both tearing up trees and ripping off peoples' limbs. In other words, it's not something you want to mess around with.

But don't despair! Technology provides us with a solution in the form of a high-frequency sonar fence that emits powerful sound waves capable of repelling the monster. There is, however, a downside – humans can't pass through the sonar fence either unless they want to suffer massive brain hemorrhages.

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A techie's guide to "Lost"

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