23 console games on the iPhone

A look at 26 different titles on the iPhone that gamers would consider "real" video games. Familiar franchises and known names that are a little more than the usual casual fare

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26 [[xref:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worms/id321369231?mt=8|Worms|Worms]]

Since the series' inception in 1994, Team-17 has been faithfully delivering a slightly updated version of Worms almost every year. Other than the 3D spin-offs that were released in the first half of the '00s, these releases have been nothing more than graphical and mechanical refinements of the original Worms, and the iPhone version of the classic series is no exception to this rule. With the addition of the new Body Count mode, complete online leaderboards, the return of "action-replays," and four-player multiplayer via Bluetooth, this is a well-done port of a game that you probably already have.

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