23 console games on the iPhone

A look at 26 different titles on the iPhone that gamers would consider "real" video games. Familiar franchises and known names that are a little more than the usual casual fare

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4 [[xref:http://www.gamepro.com/article/features/213699/console-games-on-the-iphone/Command%20&%20Conquer:%20Red%20Alert%20http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id333225329?mt=8|Command & Conquer Red Alert|Command & Conquer Red Alert]]

Developers have been struggling to find a way to make real-time strategy games work on the iPhone since the App Store's opening, and while Red Alert is in no way a perfect execution of the genre on the platform, it's notable for getting terribly close. The game uses the pinch-zoom, multi-touch, and drag features of the iPhone touch screen to allow for quick maneuvering of the battlefield and easy unit/group selection, so much of the Command & Conquer experience that PC veterans so fondly remember remains intact on the smaller screen, but potential customers will have to decide for themselves if they can tolerate obscuring the screen with their fingers to pull of basic RTS commands.

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