Transform your photos into holiday cards and calendars

Use image-editing software and Web sites to turn your digital photos into handcrafted greeting cards and other holiday gifts.

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Post your photos in the cloud

If you like the idea of storing photos on the Internet so that certain people can get to them, but you don't want just anyone to be able to browse the photos, you can make suitble arrangements by using the photo-sharing site's privacy mode. [[xref:|Flickr]], for example, lets you mark your photos as private, which limits access to people you specify.

Alternatively, you can store your pictures at an online storage service. Think of these services as virtual hard drives that you can access whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. You can give access to this storage location to anyone you wish, thereby sharing high-resolution, print-quality photos with friends and family without having to send files through e-mail. Microsoft's [[xref:|SkyDrive]] is a superb example of this sort of "cloud storage."

After you obtain a free Windows Live account, you can store up to 25GB of files--music, photos, documents, whatever--and share them with anyone you choose. Another option is a service called [[xref:|Dropbox]]. Dropbox limits you to 2GB of free storage (you can pay a subscription fee for more space), but a small app lets you drag and drop files to Dropbox from your Windows folders, as if it were a location on your own hard drive. In contrast, you need to use a Web browser to upload files to SkyDrive.

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Transform your photos into holiday cards and calendars

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