Oddball gifts for uber geeks

These Christmas gift ideas may surprise even the most hardened geeks in your life

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Who to give it to: The gadget geek

Here's the perfect gift for someone who is rich in gadgets but poor in electrical outlets. The Chargepod supports simultaneous charging of up to six gadgets, and has different adapters to accommodate each one. So, you know that guy who’s always tripping over a tangle of cords because he has three phones and an iPod? (I do.) Or that girl who's always traveling across the country and complaining about how she has to bring her iPod cord, her phone cord, her Bluetooth headset cord, etc.? Help them out. The Chargepod ($US39.95, callpod.com) comes with one mini-USB adapter and a voucher for an additional adapter. Each adapter after that costs $9.95. Or pick up the Bundle Pack ($US79.95, Callpod.com), which comes with six of the most popular adapters and a car charger.

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Oddball gifts for uber geeks

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