Frame your digital photos

Use Adobe Photoshop Elements or another image editor to add picture frames, drop shadows, and other border effects to digital photos.

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Virtual Frames Add Real Aesthetics

It's no secret that the right frame, finished in the perfect color and style, can improve almost any photo. Artists knew about the power of frames all the way back in the Renaissance, and--based on the amount of time I spend at the local frame shop--my wife is aware of this as well.

Of course, if you print out a digital photo, you can insert the paper into a traditional frame. (Or, you can display your snapshots on the screen of a [[xref:|digital photo frame|Digital Photo Frames Keep Loved Ones Close]].) But did you know that it's easy to create a virtual frame in a photo editing program? You can leverage the aesthetic power of frames, mattes, and borders to enhance your digital photos, even if they never leave your computer.

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Frame your digital photos

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