The world's most extreme laptops

Some laptops will give you a hernia, while others will fit in a coat pocket. Some cost a day's pay--others, half a year's. Here are the outliers of the notebook world.

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<h2>The Largest Screen</b><br><br><b>Name:</b> [[xref:|HP Pavilion HDX "Dragon"|In Pictures: HP's Supersized Multimedia Notebook]]<br><br><b>Price:</b> about $2500<br><br><b>Availability:</b> Discontinued; check eBay and Amazon<br><br><b>Extreme spec:</b> 20.1-inch screen<br><br><b>Reasons to love it:</b> There are big-screen laptops, and then there are televisions fastened to a clamshell case. At 20.1 inches, this gargantuan PC can double as a mobile DVD player--if you don't mind having 15 pounds of computing power sitting on your lap. <br><br>Specs include a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo Extreme X7800 processor, 4GB RAM, two 160GB hard drives, Wi-Fi, and HDMI and eSATA ports. HP has discontinued the Dragon, so you'll have to scour Amazon, eBay, and online thrift shops to find it. <br><br>Though HP had designed the Dragon to compete with Dell's XPS M2010, another 20-inch-screen behemoth, this size of laptop turned out to be a little too crazy for most people. <br><br>If more screen space is what you need, keep in mind that manufacturers have been showing off some multiple-screen laptop ideas that may be coming soon, including [[xref:|Asus's Dual-Panel E-reader/Netbook, gScreen's concept|Asus Rethinks Laptop With Dual-Panel Portable at Cebit]] with two slide-out 15.4-inch LCD screens, and Intel's [[xref:|Tangent Bay prototype|Intel Shows Laptop With Four Screens]] with a regular display plus three OLED touchscreens right above the keyboard. <br><br>If you're looking for something more traditional, PC World has reviewed a number of laptops with 16- or 17-inch screens, such as the [[xref:|MacBook Pro|MacBook Pro]], the [[xref:|Alienware M17X|Alienware M17X]], and the [[xref:|Lenovo ThinkPad W700 DS|Lenovo ThinkPad W700 DS]], the last of which has a second 10.6-inch monitor hiding behind its 17-inch main screen.

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The world's most extreme laptops

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