The world's most extreme laptops

Some laptops will give you a hernia, while others will fit in a coat pocket. Some cost a day's pay--others, half a year's. Here are the outliers of the notebook world.

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The Thinnest

Name: [[xref:|Dell Adamo XPS|Meet the Amazingly Thin Dell Adamo Notebook]]

Price: To be announced
br>Availability: Coming soon

Extreme spec: 0.40-inch thickness

Reasons to love it: As it did with the [[xref:|original Adamo|Dell Adamo]], Dell is keeping information about the new Adamo XPS locked down. All we know is that the machine is thinner than the 0.76-inch MacBook and the 0.65-inch Adamo. The XPS is supposed to have a 13-inch screen just like the original Adamo, and will likely continue the Adamo trend of having an equally ridiculous price tag (the original Adamo will set you back US$1999 to $2699).

Note, however, that Dell describes the XPS as a concept machine that’s not ready for production. It's hard to know when (or if) the XPS will see the light of day, but my money is on this supermodel-thin beauty becoming available in the next few months.

How long the new Adamo will remain the thinnest is another question. Notebooks are slimming down faster than a Weight Watchers spokesperson. In 2005, Asus was bragging about its [[xref:|ultrathin 0.9-inch laptop|Asus Claims Thinnest, Lightest 15-Inch Laptop]]--but in a post-[[xref:|MacBook Air|MacBook Air]] world, that's practically obese.

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The world's most extreme laptops

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