In Pictures: Making friends with the Sony EyePet

EyePet steals show (and hearts) at Sony's Secret Garden media event

In Pictures: Making friends with the Sony EyePet next


In Pictures: Making friends with the Sony EyePet

Mark our words: the Sony EyePet is going to be big. And when we say big, we mean BIG (think Hurley out of Lost and you're halfway there). Like Nintendogs and Tamagotchi before it, Sony’s latest [[artnid:197550|EyeToy|Review: PlayStation Eye]] innovation appeals to anyone who has ever stared wistfully into a pet store window (i.e. - nearly everyone). In essence, it's a virtual pet that you interact and play with on screen. Spend a few minutes with the EyePet and you’ll feel an overwhelming desire to adopt one. It's just so wondrously, devastatingly adorable that it's impossible not to fall in love.

We managed to get some hands on time with the EyePet at Sony’s [[artnid:318741|'Secret Garden' media event|Sony unveils top-secret VAIO notebook at the Secret Garden]] at [[artnid:318744|Sun Studios, Sydney|In pictures: Sony VAIO X series notebook]]. Despite being flanked by fully playable Uncharted 2 displays, the EyePet drew the biggest crowd. Never underestimate the power of 'cute'! Check out the rest of the slideshow to see the EyePet in action. (Just try to keep the delighted cooing sounds to a minimum).

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