The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

The iPhone has plenty of powerful applications--and it also has things like Beer Opener, Passion, and Sexy Girl Talk. Here are our picks for the 10 most idiotic apps around.

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The Worst of the Worst

When it comes to applications, the iPhone has it all. Want to control your TV? There's an app for that. Want to find the nearest Chinese restaurant? There's an app for that. Want to record your bowel habits and share them with your friends? Yep, there's an app for that, too. A program called [[xref:|Poop the World|Poop the World]] somehow [[xref:|squeezed its way into Apple's iPhone App Store|There's An App For That!? Track Your 'Movements' With 'Poop The World']] this month. For US$1.99, the app combines the iPhone's GPS power with your own notes to create a public diary of your private business.

Dumb? Sure. Pointless? Of course. But surprising? Not at all. I hate to be a party pooper, but let's face it: Crappy apps are becoming commonplace on the iPhone. For every [[xref:|Pandora|Pandora]] or [[xref:|Remote|Remote]], there's a Poop the World or a [[xref:|Pull My Finger|Pull My Finger]] lurking right around the corner.

So which are the worst of the worst? Narrowing them down was tough, but we've dug up 15 of the most painfully pointless and just plain dumb programs the App Store has to offer. We're counting only apps that are currently available--[[xref:|selections that have been banned|Rejected! 10 iPhone Apps That Didn't Make Apple's App Store]] are another story altogether.

(Want better apps that those in this slideshow? Let us do the work for you. Be sure to check out the new [[xref:http://pcworld/appguide/index.html|PC World iPhone App Guide|PC World iPhone App Guide]] to find apps--vetted by editors--that are both fun and useful. For instance, create customized e-mail postcards with your own photos by using [[xref:|RogueSheep's Postage|RogueSheep's Postage]]. Or get seriously organized with [[xref:|Appigo's ToDo|Appigo's ToDo]].)

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The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

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