The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

The iPhone has plenty of powerful applications--and it also has things like Beer Opener, Passion, and Sexy Girl Talk. Here are our picks for the 10 most idiotic apps around.

The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps next


1. FatBurner2k

If you're too lazy to eat right and work out, [[xref:|FatBurner2K|FatBurner2K]] is just the app for you--provided, that is, that you're also incredibly gullible.

FatBurner 2K claims to "turn your iPhone into the gym that works on your terms." (Those terms, we assume, are watching "Roseanne" reruns while eating jelly doughnuts.) FatBurner's secret: The app makes your iPhone vibrate. Apparently, that tiny vibration, placed upon your massive belly, will magically transform you from Mr. Jiggles to Mr. McConaughey.

On the plus side, that's 99 cents you won't be spending on Skittles.

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The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

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