The 33 best PS3 games - 2009 edition

New, must-play Sony PlayStation 3 games!

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13. Resistance 2

Why It's Great: Picking up where the first video game Resistance: Fall of Man left off, in this gripping first-person shooter sequel Nathan Hale continues his battle against the repulsive race of Chimera. While Resistance 2 didn't exactly re-invent the franchise, it did however improve upon many of the strongest aspects of the original. It added new, even crazier weapons, a towering 300 foot tall beast, and best of all support for up to 60 player multiplayer matches, which set a record at the time the game was released. Resistance 2 is far from a perfect game, but it's one of the finest next-gen FPS games we've seen, not only on the PS3 but in general.

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