Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for multimedia junkies

Here are the best apps for turning your iPhone into a time-killing hub. Whether you want to stream your music collection to your iPhone or take great pictures in low light, we have just the right app.

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Night Camera

Publisher: Sudobility

Price: $0.99

Let’s face it: The iPhone's camera is not even to close to being perfect, especially in low-light conditions. Luckily, the [[xref:|Night Camera|Night Camera]] app can help you take better shots. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer, Night Camera detects the ideal moment to capture a picture, based on how steady you are as you hold the phone. This comes in handy when you're taking photos in dark environments.

What’s great about Night Camera is that the whole screen acts as your shutter button. After you've stabilized your picture, you don't need to fiddle with your fingertip on the small shutter button--instead you just tap anywhere on the screen. Another nice touch in Night Camera is the ability to add film-style effects such as sepia and black and white (applied after you take the shot), as well as on-photo time stamps.

Now that your pictures are clearer, you might want to try [[xref:|Camera Bag|Camera Bag]] ($1.99), which can improve your photos by applying any of ten classic camera and film effects

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Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for multimedia junkies

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