Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for multimedia junkies

Here are the best apps for turning your iPhone into a time-killing hub. Whether you want to stream your music collection to your iPhone or take great pictures in low light, we have just the right app.

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Publisher: Cooliris

Price: Free

With the [[xref:|Cooliris|Cooliris]] app, you have a more interesting way to browse news, sort through videos, and search for pictures. Via a nifty 3D wall, this app lets you visualize the news in pictures just by flicking your finger across the iPhone’s screen. Browsing through Cooliris really is cool, since you can use pinching gestures to zoom in or out and tilt your iPhone left or right to scroll around the wall.

Cooliris is great for catching up on the latest news in a nonlinear way, but it’s also ideal for killing time and battling those inevitable moments of boredom. Through Cooliris you can explore “best of” content from across the Web, including Flickr, Google, Yahoo, and YouTube. The app also integrates with Twitter and other social media services, and it lets you share your discoveries with pals by e-mail. And if you have RSS feeds you want to check regularly, Cooliris is an interesting alternative to the traditional RSS reader application.

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Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for multimedia junkies

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