Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

Don’t get stuck with a dud iPhone game that you'll regret having bought. To save you some sweat, we've assembled a list of the ten best strategy, action, and puzzler games for the iPhone.

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Zen Bound

Publisher: Secret Exit Ltd

Price: $4.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)

Age rating: 4+

If the idea of wrapping rope around a wooden sculpture for fun strikes you as borderline crazy, prepare to be astonished. Zen Bound manages to make a seemingly boring task an intriguing challenge. Great for casual gamers, Zen Bound is highly tactile and features 3D graphics that won an award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards plus a soothing ambient soundtrack by Ghost Monkey that won an an award from the Independent Game Festival Mobile. Test your rope-wrapping talent with the free lite version of Zen Bound Lite, grasshopper, and then step up to the $4.99 master edition when you are ready to achieve oneness with the twisted fiber.

If you like this game, we recommend that you try two others:

I Love Katamari ($7.99 full version) or I Love Katamari Lite (free lite version)

Spore Origins ($0.99 full version) or Spore Lite (free lite version)

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Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

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