Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

Don’t get stuck with a dud iPhone game that you'll regret having bought. To save you some sweat, we've assembled a list of the ten best strategy, action, and puzzler games for the iPhone.

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iDracula--Undead Awakening

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd

Price: $2.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)

Age rating: 4+

For some people, shooting at anything that moves is the perfect leisure-time activity. If you are among that tribe, you'll probably discover a natural (or supernatural) affinity for [[xref:|iDracula--Undead Awakening|iDracula--Undead Awakening]]. With intuitive controls, polished graphics, and an engaging soundtrack, iDracula will have you up and slaying monsters within seconds. The longer you survive, the more demons attack you and the better everyone's weapons get. No wonder both [[xref:|Macworld|Macworld]] and [[xref:|MacApper|MacApper] tabbed iDracula as one of the most enjoyable iPhone games around. For a little taste of the game, pick up the [[xref:|free lite version of iDracula|free lite version of iDracula]]; or fly straight to the full-blooded $2.99 version.

Can't get enough of nonstop shoot-'em-ups with an undead/killer machine motif? Then try these two run-and-gun extravaganzas:

• [[xref:|Zombieville USA|Zombieville USA]] ($1.99 full version) or [[xref:|Zombieville USA Lite|Zombieville USA Lite]] (free lite version),

• [[xref:|Metal Gear Solid Touch|Metal Gear Solid Touch] ($7.99, United States only)

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Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

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