Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

Don’t get stuck with a dud iPhone game that you'll regret having bought. To save you some sweat, we've assembled a list of the ten best strategy, action, and puzzler games for the iPhone.

Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers next


Wolfenstein 3D Classic

Publisher: Id Software

Price: $2.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)

Age rating: 12+

Nostalgic for the old days of carefree, nonstop gaming? Wolfenstein 3D Classic brings all of the now-archaic game's thrills to your iPhone. You get the same pixelated characters and nonstop action that engrossed you way back when--but with an all-new control system that relies on a touch area and the iPhone's accelerator. For the $2.99 price of admission, you'll be blasting away for days as you soldier through all six original episodes with their 60 classic levels. Or do some free sniping with Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite. Wo ist das Schloß von Wolfenstein?

Here are two other nostalgia classics sure to remind you of a youth well spent:

Pac-Man ($5.99 full version) or Pac-Man Lite (free lite version)

Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party ($2.99)

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Top 10 must-have iPhone apps for gamers

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