A brief history of geeks

Before smartphones, social networks, and other must-have tech, it wasn't a badge of honor to be called a geek. Here's a look back at the evolution of the nerds.

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History of Geekdom

No so long ago, [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/article/164194/the_geek_chic_checklist_22_sure_signs_youre_a_geek.html?tk=rel_news|the computer geek|The Geek Chic Checklist -- 22 Sure Signs You're a Geek]] (origin: Dorkus IBM-us) was confined to the back rooms and basements of companies everywhere. White dress shirts (sleeves optional), thin black ties and horn-rimmed glasses were standard issue. Mainstream social acceptance? Not so much. Over each succeeding decade, however, geeks have crept out of their shells, changed their look and gained more acceptance in business and in society. The results of which can be seen today: Geeks and their much-loved tech have thoroughly invaded the mainstream. Let's take a tour through the ages, shall we? [Image credits: (left to right) Windowtowallstree.com; Getty Images (2)]

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