The 20 most innovative games ever made

20 titles that changed video gaming forever

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#15: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

Platform: PC

Year: 1994

Original review score: Not Reviewed

Though Dune II technically set the modern real-time strategy (RTS) genre into motion, it was Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft: Orcs & Humans that turned a fringe game style into an international sensation.

Why It Was Innovative:

Warcraft's original website says it best: "Set in the mythic kingdom of Azeroth, players are given the task of maintaining a thriving economy while building a war machine with which to destroy the enemy." Warcraft built upon this simple premise by embracing use of the mouse with an intuitive graphical user interface. Warcraft played a key role in popularizing the mouse, which was soon to become the signature controller of all PC games to come. Blizzard Entertainment capitalized on Warcraft's success with more trend-setting and spinoffs, most notably 1998's seminal Starcraft. Though RTS games aren't quite a mainstream phenomenon in the West, they enjoy an enormous international following, particularly in the Far East.

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