The 10 dumbest tech products so far

Awful wearable PCs, gaming systems that made you sick, free handhelds no one would take, and more. What'll they think of next?

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Number 9: You Will Not Be Assimilated

Xybernaut Pomo (2002)

What's the well-dressed geek wearing these days? It isn't [[xref:|the Xybernaut Pomo|Future Gear: Will You Be Assimilated?]] (modeled here by former PC World associate editor Sean Captain). This "wearable computer" featured an 11-ounce CPU that hooked to your belt, a mini-keyboard that strapped to your wrist, and a head-mounted display that projected an 800-by-600 image in front of you.

The Pomo inspired inevitable comparisons to The Borg, the malevolent race of half-cyborg/half-human creatures intent on assimilating the human race in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though [[xref:|Xybernaut's strap-on PCs|Wearable Tech Helps in a Crisis]] found a home in industrial and military settings, Pomo didn't fly with consumers, who apparently didn't relish the thought of going out in public looking as though they were en route to a Trekkie convention dressed as either a Borg Drone or a space pirate. Resistance is not futile.

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The 10 dumbest tech products so far

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