Camcorder gift guide for Mother’s Day

We've rounded up camcorders for every type of mum: from technophobes to soccer moms

Camcorder gift guide for Mother’s Day next


If you’re feeling particularly generous this Mother’s Day, why not splurge out on a digital camcorder for your dear old mammy? She’s sure to appreciate it more than the obligatory Myer's gift card or a box of chocolates.

A camcorder is the perfect ‘thank you’ gift for all those years of nurturing and devotion — it’s useful, long-lasting and expensive enough to show her you care. The only thing you need to do now is decide which camcorder model to buy. This is where we come in.

Much like sons and daughters, no two mothers are alike — a camcorder that would make a fine gift for one mum might be an expensive paperweight for another. Whether your progenitor is a rough-'n'-tumble soccer mom or a tech-befuddled Luddite, you’ll find a camcorder on this list to suit her needs. So go on. Do it for your mummy!

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