12 game heroes who look like villains

GamePro counts down twelve video game heroes that don't quite look the part.

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<h2>What he looks like: </h2><br> Manhunt's James Earl Cash proves he's the escaped inmate of the Carcer City correctional facility by donning his menacing prisoner garb throughout the game. However, his clothing also bears a striking resemblance to Jay Leno's laid-back, <a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_h4mOtJEDlTk/SKeDOIvgsaI/AAAAAAAACEU/8o8ok1p8nw8/s400/Jay_Leno_love_Ride_24.jpg" target="_blank">casual garb</a>, that is if Jay Leno had nipples that lactated blood.<br> <h2>Who he really is: </h2><br> Normally one would be happy to get sprung from prison on the night he's supposed to be executed, but when you've been freed to be the star/victim of an upcoming snuff film, you probably should keep your festivities to a minimum.

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12 game heroes who look like villains

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