12 game heroes who look like villains

GamePro counts down twelve video game heroes that don't quite look the part.

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What he looks like:

If a powdered donut transformed itself into a man, and then lifted weights for about 5 years, followed by the growing of a virile goatee, he would start to resemble Kratos. To finish the transition though, the donut would then need to kill thousands of people via deadly chain blades, and splash their blood onto various parts of his body.

Who he really is:

Once a promising general in Sparta's army, this pale soldier learned the hard way what war was good for: "Absolutely nothing! Say it again y'all; War! Huh, good god; What is it good for? Absolutely nothing; Listen to me!" (referenced song by Edwin Starr). So to prevent Ares from using war to destroy Athens, Kratos hunted down Pandora's Box and slew the god.

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12 game heroes who look like villains

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