Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

Halo, arguably the biggest first-person shooter series around, has already proven that it can also deliver a compelling experience in the real-time strategy genre

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#2: Halo Third-Person Shooter

Similar game(s): Star Wars Battlefront, The Lord of the Rings Conquest

How it plays: While a Gears of Warstyle Halo game would be pretty badass, it probably wouldn't be radically different from its first-person counterpart aside from the addition of a cover system. Instead, the third-person Halo shooter would be more interesting to play if it took a page from the Star Wars Battlefront series, where players fight in teams in an attempt to overwhelm the enemy with ground forces, vehicles, and aircrafts.

For those unfamiliar with the Battlefront games, this Halo game would follow its basic model, where players choose between the UNSC or Covenant, playing as standard classes that range from infantry to snipers to energy caster-type units, until they gain enough points to command hero units. Only instead of Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett, Hero units in this game would include Master Chief, Arbiter, Prophet of Truth, Tartarus, Sergeant Johnson, and Forge from Halo Wars to name a few. Halo Battlefront should also utilize the brand's staple ground and air units, while also including maps that take place on both land and in outer space. Imagine fighting on a space station and then jumping in an available Hornet to take on enemy Banshees.

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Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

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