Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

Halo, arguably the biggest first-person shooter series around, has already proven that it can also deliver a compelling experience in the real-time strategy genre

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#1: Halo RPG

Similar game(s): Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

How it plays: A Halo RPG we'd be interested in playing would be more in the vein of the Fallout 3s of the world than traditional role-playing games. Let's be honest, the Chief in a J-RPG would be absurd. In the Halo RPG we'd want, players control a lone Orbital Shock Drop Trooper (featured in the upcoming Halo 3:ODST) who is dropped on a strange planet to save the hide of Earth's Commander in Chief (whose likely been kidnapped)--think Escape from New York. On the alien planet, you discover friendly races that offer you missions and rewards in your quest to save the dude. During your journey, you'd encounter the planet's various alien life forms, both hostile and friendly, as you attempt to carry out your primary mission. Throw in the ability to execute civilians and pilfer their booze for no reason at all and we're there.

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Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

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