Banish your browser with innovative Adobe AIR apps

These 11 cross-platform apps based on AIR technology will help you streamline your YouTube experience, track client time accurately, stitch photos into one panoramic shot, and much more.

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Top 11 Adobe AIR Apps

Adobe AIR adds support for hundreds of cool, cross-platform apps. And it no longer matters whether you're using a Mac, a Windows PC, a Linux machine, or a mobile device — AIR works with them all.

But, despite AIR's impressive ability to blur the line between your desktop and the Web, AIR apps are by no means Web-only. In fact, some of them have nothing to do with the Web at all.

In this slideshow, we take a gander at 11 of the coolest Adobe AIR apps around, an elite collection made all the more admirable by the apps' price, which is free.

To get started using any AIR application, simply download and install AIR from Adobe. Once you've done that, downloading and opening an AIR app on your desktop will trigger the standard AIR installer — think of these files as traditional .msi or .exe setup applications, except that AIR handles the installation.

To make finding links to the downloads mentioned in this story more convenient, we've assembled a complete collection of the AIR app download links for this slide show on a single page.

Let's begin our AIR app tour with DeskTube, which makes YouTube a much more pleasant place to visit. Just click slide 2.

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Banish your browser with innovative Adobe AIR apps

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