Banish your browser with innovative Adobe AIR apps

These 11 cross-platform apps based on AIR technology will help you streamline your YouTube experience, track client time accurately, stitch photos into one panoramic shot, and much more.

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Pandora Desktop: Desktop Client for Popular Streaming Music Site

Caption: You're no doubt already familiar with Pandora Radio, the music-streaming Web site that creates streaming music stations based on your tastes. There's absolutely nothing to Pandora beyond the Pandora player, which makes it a perfect candidate for AIR — and is no doubt why Pandora was quick to create this AIR application.

With Pandora Desktop for Air, you don't need to fire up your Web browser or keep Pandora buried among your browser tabs. Instead, the radio station runs as a standalone desktop application, with integration into your system tray, including right-click options for changing stations, viewing the currently playing track, and playing or pausing the track.

For advice on shooting the photos to create a panoramic picture, read Ultimate Panoramic Photos.

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Banish your browser with innovative Adobe AIR apps

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