The MacBook Air-Dell Adamo deathmatch

Two laptops: One's a Mac, one's a PC. Which is better? PC World takes both notebooks and stages a computer kumite to make a few quick calls.

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Round 2: The Keyboard

Apple: The Air didn't invent the notion of cut-out Chiclet keys — it just popularized them. The buttons are reasonably spaced, and you rarely run the risk of mistyping. That said, the function keys are shrunken down a little bit too much for my tastes. Otherwise, the Air has a slick set of backlit keys.

Dell: One editor here refers to the little dip in the middle of these wide keys as "finger buckets." The fancy-pants Dell marketspeak for it is "scalloped keys." Whatever. The point is, the keys are flat-ish and wide, as I've grown to love on a number of laptops (the HP Mini 1000 being among them), and they have a little lip for your fingers to rest in. The Adamo also finds room to accommodate a couple of multimedia-shortcut keys next to the power button. The only drawback here is that making out some of the keys without the ambient backlighting turned on is a little difficult.

Winner: Dell. Bigger keys and more of them equal a win in my book.

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The MacBook Air-Dell Adamo deathmatch

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