Lounge Lizard Ladies: the women of Leisure Suit Larry

An exhaustive gallery of Leisure Suit Larry’s bevy of bodacious beauties: from 1987 to the present.

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<h2>Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards</h2> <br><br>This is the game that started it all. Actually, that's a lie. The game that started it all was <i>Softporn Adventure</i>, an earlier Seirra text adventure that was heavily mined by Larry's creator for puzzles and plot elements. Nevertheless, Land of the Lounge Lizards is the first game to star the titular Larry Laffer as he attempts to rid himself of his virginity during a night of misadventure at the Lost Wages resort. After a string of humiliating rejections involving faithful girlfriends, diseased prostitutes and hungry socialites, Larry finally stumbles across the woman of his dreams &#8212; who happens to be sitting naked in a hot tub.

<br><br>An enhanced 256-color VGA version was released in 1991.

<br><br><b>Box blurb:</b> “Become the loveable nerd Larry for one fabulous night. You'll dance. You'll drink. You'll gamble. And, if you play your cards right, you might even meet the girl (or girls) of your dreams.”

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