Lounge Lizard Ladies: the women of Leisure Suit Larry

An exhaustive gallery of Leisure Suit Larry’s bevy of bodacious beauties: from 1987 to the present.

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Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work

Due to an internal misunderstanding, Leisure Suit Larry 4 (posthumously dubbed 'The Lost Floppies') was never released. The 'fifth' game in the series saw the return of Passionate Patti, as well as the dual character approach that sees you role-playing both genders. The game pokes fun at its non-existent predecessor, featuring mystery plot holes and unexplained events that presumably occurred in the fourth game. The story places less emphasis on 'finding love' and instead focuses on a Police Quest-style comedy caper, with Patti now working for the FBI (Aiiiii).

Box blurb: “SEX, THUGS AND ROCK 'N ROLL. They're back in their silliest, sexiest adventure ever. Larry teams up with Passionate Patti for a rollicking gender-bending romp through the sleazy underside of the underworld

SWITCH SEXES ON THE FLY. Yes, every time you take a plane ride, you'll switch back and forth between Larry and Patti. Double the trouble, double the fun!”

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