The most violent video games ever made

Ready for a bloody good time? We dissect some of the goriest video games ever made.

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7. Mortal Kombat (series)

Of course, a violent video game list isn't complete without giving Mortal Kombat its due. Since its gory arcade inception back in 1992, this game has graced every platform known to mankind and inspired a spate of sequels. (One loses count after about 16, but the 2008 release — Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe — was a good mash-up of superheroes and street fighters.) While people appreciated the digitally captured "kombatants," the Fatality finishing moves were what stirred up all sorts of concerns with media watchdogs.
Gore factor: Two pints of blood — and some spinal fluid. It wasn't so much the cartoony splash of red that glooped on the ground after you delivered a punch that stunned gamers. No, that honor goes to the Fatalities. We're talking signature finishing moves like ripping out the opponent's heart with a bare hand or tearing out someone's spine. Test to see if someone you know is a fan: Yell, "Get over here!" and see who responds.

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The most violent video games ever made

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