The most violent video games ever made

Ready for a bloody good time? We dissect some of the goriest video games ever made.

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1. Dead Space

Dead Space was a complete dark horse last year. A sci-fi horror game set in deep space seemed like the oft-retreaded turf of steroidal space marines fighting off waves of demons (see the previously mentioned Doom). What was interesting is how expertly the whole effort comes together. It plays like a mash-up of the greatest moments from movies like Aliens and Event Horizon with you in the director's chair. It’s eerily beautiful to look at, freaky to experience, and fun to play. And bloody. Very, very bloody.
Gore factor: Five pints of blood with a side of arms and legs. Let’s put it this way: In order to successfully kill creatures, you must dismember them. As in, lop off their arms and legs with lasers. Even the audio is like an icy dagger when you hear the squishy stomp of boots in surround sound. Be genuinely afraid of the sequel. They are bound to try and out-gross themselves. We can't wait.

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The most violent video games ever made

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